Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Week on the Web

Several items caught my attention this week on the internet.

First - trailer #2 has been released for Lincoln. Judging from both trailers, this film will rank highly on my list of Civil War films when it is all said and done.

Second - Speaking of lists, The Washington Times released its Top 15 Civil War movies of all time. Part of me thinks this is a terrible list, while another part of me thinks that the list just confirms that there is a surprising lack of quality in films that deal with the Civil War.

Third - Gettysburg National Military Park is certainly getting a jump on the planning for the 150th next year. They released this week a preliminary look at the interpretive programs they have planned. Its an interesting look at what's in store.

Finally - a great post today from NPS Historian John Hennessy on his Mysteries and Conundrums Blog. This post serves as a great example of using photos as historical sources.

I hope to have some more Backstories content for you later this week - the last few days I've gotten caught up in working on research for an article I hope to write.

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