Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Relaunch of Sorts

You may have noticed a lack of posts lately. Really, since June.

When I started this whole enterprise, in May of 2012, I was looking to create an outlet for my interests in historical research and interpretation. At the time I decided to narrow my focus to my favorite topic and place: Gettysburg. In last two and a half years and 180+ posts, the blog has evolved from its beginnings. So has my life: I've gotten married, I've moved from Central New York to Central Virginia, and I've changed jobs. Now I find myself engaged in historical research and interpretation relating to early American history everyday at work. With all these changes, I find that I have less time now to devote to my blogging hobby.

I find blogging difficult. I often struggle to find topics and issues on which to offer a unique and interesting perspective. When I started, I found the nights and weekends I spent researching somewhat obscure events relaxing and rewarding. I still do, but I've found that I don't have as much time to offer regular posts with the deep research necessary to meet my own standards. And yet, I still enjoy blogging as an outlet, and as a way to remain connected to the historical field. With this in mind, I've spent some time thinking about how I wanted to take this blog forward. I still want to work on the historical research that I so enjoy, but recognize that these posts will likely remain infrequent given my current time constraints. To keep the ball rolling in between these long-form posts, I've decided to focus on shorter entries with scaled back ambitions - sharing topical and timely links to other blogs and articles, brief snippets of content related to artifacts, photographs, and other primary sources, and book and exhibit reviews when appropriate.

So hopefully you'll begin to see a bit more from this blog again.Thanks for reading.

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