Saturday, May 19, 2012

Getting Started

Gettysburg in 1868. Tipton & Myers, Publishers. Library of Congress
Welcome to my Battlefield Back Stories Blog. Before I dive into the content, a word of introduction. I have had a personal fascination with the Gettysburg Battlefield since my first visit in the late 1990s. At that time I was about fifteen. With this blog I intend to research and explore interesting stories of the field and the town of Gettysburg that have perhaps escaped popular interest.  The posts will of course cover aspects of the battle, but I intend to take a much broader view - including a great deal of content regarding the post-battle history, including preservation controversies, as well as aspects of memory and commemoration.

I am well aware that Gettysburg remains perhaps the most written about event in American history, and in attempting to write about lesser known aspects I will likely still delve into topics that have been previously explored. I can only offer that this blog first and foremost is intended for my personal enjoyment and learning, and that in offering my own perspective, I hope to provide interesting insight for some readers.

I have no planned schedule for postings, and plan to post only when I feel I have something of interest to write about that has been adequately researched.

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