About This Blog

This blog covers stories of interest related to the Civil War. As my Civil War interests often shift, so too will this blog's focus from time to time.

The Civil War remains one of the most written about historical topics among American historians. While I can't promise to write about completely untapped subject matter, I do hope to provide my own unique perspective. The majority of my primary source materials comes from digitized collections available online.

As this is a blog, I do not always provide footnotes or other citations, though I will when I feel it warranted. I will always do my best to point interested readers in the direction of my sources within the text of each post by giving the name and authorship of books and other sources, as well as links to those sources when possible. If you have further questions regarding any sources, please leave a comment and I will be happy to respond.

I do not intend to monetize this blog in any way. I run it for my own personal enjoyment, and as an outlet for my interests in researching and writing about the Civil War.

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