Wednesday, June 26, 2013

News and Notes: Storm Takes Down the 72nd PA Monument

The big Gettysburg anniversary is nearly here. I'll be down in Gettysburg for part of it (I can only stay through mid-day on July 2nd). I will have some twitter updates, and I plan on posting a blog or two about my experiences when I return. I also have a few posts lined up that will go live during the anniversary. While I am in the Gettysburg area I will be participating in a special event in Bendersville to honor the veterans of Company G, 138th Pennsylvania. If you are looking for an event that gets you away from the crowds, be sure to check it out.

Unfortunately, on the eve of the anniversary the battlefield suffered some storm damage last night. Several trees were knocked down around the copse, but the most significant damage was done to the 72nd Pennsylvania monument, whose bronze statue was knocked off of its perch. You can view some photographs here. No word yet on the extent of the damage, nor when it will be repaired.

I hope everyone going to the events of the next week has a great time, and maybe I'll see a few of you there!

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