Friday, March 29, 2013

The Future of the Civil War Is Not Over

I've had a lot going on lately, and consequently have not had much time to spare for writing. I'm hoping to get a post or two up on the blog this weekend, but in the meantime I thought I'd provide some links to great content I've been reading this week. In my spare moments, I have attempted to keep up with the growing number of responses to the Future of Civil War History Conference earlier this month, and the ensuing debate to these responses. Many of my readers may have seen these on other blogs already, but for those who haven't - here's some links:

Brooks Simpson has offered his thoughts in three parts: here, here, and here. All have generated a great deal of discussion, including comments from the likes of John Hennessy and Anne Whisnant.

Kevin Levin has focused his comments on what he feels is an important component of the future of Civil War history. He argues that museum educators and public historians need to focus more on giving people the skill sets needed to make their own assessments of historical content, especially online.

Al Mackey argues that Pete Carmichael has accomplished his goal for the conference, because he left feeling slightly confused about what the conference was really about.

Nick Sacco, a public history student at IUPUI, has produced some really excellent reflections on the conference.You can find his latest here and here.

Finally, the Emerging Civil War Blog has asked several emerging scholars to report back on their experiences during the conference. You can find the first two installments in the series here and here.

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