Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On a Personal Note

About a year and a half ago I started this blog to get reconnected with the field of Civil War research, and to see where it would go. I've loved every minute of blogging since. And yet, while I have plenty of potential new blog post ideas floating around in my head, and a handful of multi-part series I've already started and need to finish, you will find Battlefield Back Stories fairly quiet over the next month or two.

If I told you my life was busy at the moment, it would be a major understatement. In less than two weeks - on September 7th to be exact - I will be getting married. Immediately after that, my new wife and I will drive off to Montreal for a week. When we return we will jump right into a major life change, and an exciting new adventure.

Like me, my soon-to-be wife is a museum professional. She has just accepted a job at James Madison's Montpelier, which she will start in October. So after wedding festivities conclude, we will return to Cooperstown, pack up, tie up loose ends at our current jobs, and relocate 500 miles south to Virginia.

We both couldn't be more excited about this opportunity. As far as the blog is concerned - I am hopeful that my new-found proximity to Virginia battlefields will yield plenty of posts in the long-run. In the short-run, I hope you will all excuse the lack of posts in September and October. I won't completely shut the operation down during that time, as I might snatch a few moments here and there to write some short posts. Once we've settled in our new home, I hope to get right back to it.

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