Thursday, February 7, 2013

Links and Updates

Hello all!

If you've come to the blog today looking for Material Culture Thursday, unfortunately I have nothing for you this week. Work and extracurricular activities have kept me quite busy lately, and will keep me busy at least through the weekend. That said, I thought I would offer up some links to some interesting reads I've seen this past week as a consolation.

First, for your material culture fix, check out the Mysteries and Conundrums Blog for an excellent investigative analysis of a photograph of Confederates on a Railroad Bridge along the Rappahannock River.

Second, yesterday's Washington Post ran a review of a new exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, "Bound for Freedom's Light: African Americans and the Civil War."

Finally, in the last few weeks I've updated my blog roll a bit in an effort to keep it current. If you don't already follow some of these blogs, check them out (right side of the page). Or, if you follow a blog you think I might find interesting, let me know! I'm always interested in finding new stuff out there.

I have a few blog post ideas waiting in the wings, and I hope to be back up and running with Material Culture Thursday next week.


  1. Here is a blog for you to look into. The Picket: The American Civil War 1861-1865. Add it to your blog roll ONLY if you think it is worth reading. (I do hate to ask, but you asked first!)

  2. Thanks, I will definitely check it out!

  3. Just got a chance to check it out Steve - nicely done.